Best of the web: April.

Welcome to another version of ‘best of the web’ – a round up of the things I have read, watched, consumed and LOVED online this month.

The Newsletter: To Her Door by Mia Abrahams & Grace Jennings-Edquist.
I found this newsletter after they’d already sent out three issues so luckily I got to binge read a few issues before I had to wait a whole week for a new issue. As described on their website – “Inspired by the women of Australia, To Her Door brings creativity, feminism, politics, and current events right to your inbox. We’re dedicated to telling you stories that matter — and that you actually want to read.” The newsletter is the creation of the amazing Mia Abrahams & Grace Jennings-Edquist, who met in the 90’s. The two women have been in the media industry for a number of years and told media site Mumberella, they started To Her Door as they “wanted to create an inclusive space where Australian women could tell stories, discuss issues, ask questions, and pass the microphone around all the wonderful people who care about each other and the world around them.”
Click here to get all the goodness of To Her Door straight to your inbox.

The Music: Meg Mac’s new song, Low Blows.
Ah Meg Mac you absolute musical genius you. Meg is back with this absolute winner of a single after success of song like Never Be, Roll Up Your Sleeves, Grandma’s Hands & her cover of Bridges by Broods. The vibes are similar to her previous songs with her raw and emotional vocals really shining through. She explained to Triple j’s Ben and Liam this new song was all “about standing up for yourself”.
All in all it is a ripper song and I can’t wait to hear the whole album which is out 14th July. Listen to Low Blows yourself by watching the video below.


The Netflix Show: Thirteen Reasons Why.
*Caution for those who haven’t finished – contains spoilers.*
Okay so I am well aware that there is A LOT of controversy around this show but I enjoyed it. Sure it was bloody confronting in some parts and I skipped through all the rape scenes because they really upset me and the suicide scene made me really unsettled but aside from that I think it is great. It’s started a conversation around suicide that really needed to happen. I disagree with critics saying that it ‘glorifies and romanticises suicide’ because if you can watch that suicide scene and say it is anything but traumatic and violent there is something wrong with you. I do however agree that the show doesn’t offer the viewer any ways to get help except to commit suicide which I think is pretty unhealthy. I’m also not sure about the blame factor within the show. However as someone who suffers mental illness and has thought about suicide more than once, I think that this is something most people should watch and talk about. The people I’ve talked to about the show also agree and a few of these people also suffer depression. But don’t just take my opinion – maybe watch it and make up your own mind.
PS – this show also has an ace soundtrack. Check it out on YouTube or Spotify.

The YouTube Video: A Ted Talk called ‘How to get stuff done when you are depressed’.
Jessica Gimeno is an absolute QUEEN. She is 28 years old and deals with FIVE chronic illnesses. She is a health activist, writer and speaker and I have a teeny girl crush on her. She did a Ted Talk in 2015 all about her health issues and some tips for getting stuff done when you are depressed. It is excellent and everyone with a mental illness should watch it. I’ve included the the video below so you can watch it if you are interested. (Just watch it anyway).


The Article: Why Self-Stigma is the Most Dangerous Pitfall when Battling Mental Illness by Noha Medhat
I think I feel a theme in the last three recommendations – they’re all related in someway to mental health. This may be because this month I’ve started being a little more proactive with my recovery. Anyway, this article by Noha Medhat is incredibly interesting. It is about the dangers of self stigma when dealing with mental illness, and often how self stigma goes unnoticed – much like the mental illnesses we face. It is thought provoking, wonderful and a decent read. Here is one of my favourite lines from the article, “The essence of stigma is viewing mental illness differently from physical illness because of its nonphysical nature. And that’s a trap I subconsciously fell into for a very long time, with unfortunate consequences.”
Read Noha’s article here.

-M x


What have you enjoyed this month? Let me know in the comments below.


The best of the web: March.

I spend a lot of time online. As a Millennial, I’ve had access to the web since the early teenage years. A lot has changed since the days of racing home from school to jump onto MSN or Bebo (or Myspace if that floated your boat).

Now my social media consumption tends to take up most of my day. I wake up and check my notifications. I browse Facebook or Instagram while I eat breakfast. I read the news online when I get to work. I am constantly refreshing my email, my Facebook feed, my Twitter or my Instagram feed while I listen to podcasts or Spotify playlists – in between working in marketing I never seem to switch off from the great unknown we call the Internet.

So I thought… Why not do a round up of my favourite parts of the web each month? Here is an overview of what I loved consuming online in March!

Monique Bowley’s Newsletter, Monz Out Louder.
I have had an absolute obsession with Monz since I met her at last years Business Chicks 9 to Thrive event. She is funny, smart, beautiful, witty and my ultimate #girlcrush (as well as Zoe Foster Blake). Her weekly newsletter is a collection of her thoughts, her favourite podcasts, and some much genuine humour I find myself LOLing every time the newsletter it comes into my inbox. In last weeks issue (after Cyclone Debbie) she talked about the potential banana shortage and her love of bananas. So. Much. LOL.
Subscribe here. You WILL NOT regret it.

Big Scary on Triple J’s Like a Version.
I have been a Like a Version fan for as long as I can remember (my Dad is a Triple J listener from way back) and have found the songs featured this year to be somewhat… Lacklustre. And then Big Scary came into the studio. I loved the original AND the cover and I recommend that you listen and love it just as much as I did.
Listen to the original here and the cover here.

A blog post about honesty on Instagram from blogger Whiskey Tango Flat White.
I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and have been considering taking a ‘detox’ for quite a while now, mainly for my own mental health, but I still just can’t bring myself to do it. Then I read this post and really considered it again. The author of the blog, also named Maddie, really delves into some good points about how much of our ‘real life’ is shown on social media and how much of it is just the highlight reel. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with just showing the highlights and nor is this article. It’s more about questioning how to curate a social media presence that is authentic to ourselves and not just what other people want to see. Anyway if you are interested you can read the post here. 

Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide.
I will admit this is a little bit of my own bias presenting here because I am slightly in love with Ed Sheeran but shhhh it’s my blog and I get to be biased. I have struggled to fault ANY of Ed’s previous albums and this one is no different. It’s honestly that great. There is a perfect mix of styles on the album from acoustic Ed through to kinda rappy Ed (yes I know rappy is not a word but I don’t know how else to explain it). There are the songs that make you want to cry like Happier and Perfect and then songs that make are so incredibly catchy like Shape of You and New Man.
Do yourself a favour and listen to it.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People podcast episode, Up All Night
My obsession with podcasts began midway through last year and now I am constantly on the hunt for new podcasts to listen to. I found this one after it was recommended in a blog post (I think this is right but I cannot for the life of me remember what blog it was on). The show is hosted by American comedian Chris Gethard and the concept of it is an anonymous 1 hour  phone call between Chris and the caller. There are no rules except that Chris cannot hang up (no matter the topic) and each call only goes for one hour.
I’ve listed to a few episodes so far and Up All Night is my favourite so far. It’s a conversation with a nurse who has just come off her shift and has been awake for 24 hours. I think I liked it so much because it is so raw and so honest and honestly, quite amusing considering some of the darker topics discussed.
Listen to the episode here. 

An article on Man Repeller about making friends as an adult.
This is an excellent article about friendships when you’re younger versus friendships as an adult, and how sad that difference truly is. Long story short it talks about how much easier and carefree friendships are in school and university (especially if you lived on a residence at uni like me). You are seeing your friends every single day, whereas when you reach adulthood its so much easier for friendships to slip. You have work, you have other commitments and honestly it is friendships that seem to go first. I think the reason I really resonated with this article so much is because I am at the stage of my life where I am finding it so much harder to keep up with friendship. It doesn’t help being 3 – 6 hours away from most my friends either, but I think most people will be able to find this article relevant. Read the article here.

-M xo

What have you been consuming online lately? Tell me in the comments below, I would love some recommendations!